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Czech Christian aid worker Petr Jašek is reported to be safely back in Prague after Sudan’s President pardoned him and released him from jail yesterday.

The Czech Foreign Minister brought Petr home last night after flying out to Khartoum to negotiate his release earlier the same day.

Thank you for your prayers. Let’s praise God for Petr’s release – and step up our prayers for Pastor Hassan and Abdulmonem, the two Sudanese men jailed with him.

Petr was given a life sentence for ‘spying’ and ‘inciting hatred’, among other charges, simply for reaching out with compassion to a student from Darfur who’d been injured at a rally. Sudanese nationals Pastor Hassan Abduraheem and Abdulmonem Abdumawla were each sentenced to a total of 12 years. The three were accused of funding rebel movements in areas such as South Kordofan and Darfur.

Petr spent a total of 445 days behind bars: Pastor Hassan and Abdulmonem are still waiting for their appeal to be heard.

Release CEO Paul Robinson says: ‘Praise God that Petr’s safely home but we must continue to pray and campaign for Hassan and Abdulmonem – and the many other Christians in Sudan whose religious rights are being trampled.’

At least 25 church buildings in Khartoum North are currently under threat of demolition, according to Christian leaders. The Sudanese Government has reportedly said the churches, which are from a range of denominations, were built on land intended for other uses; however, mosques in the same area are excluded from the demolition order.

  • Praise God for Petr’s release. Pray that God will heal and restore him, and bless his family as they come to terms with their ordeal.
  • Please continue to pray for the release of Pastor Hassan and Abdulmonem: ask God to strengthen them so they do not lose heart. Pray that they will know that they are not forgotten.
  • Pray that the Sudanese Government will scrap its plans to demolish churches in Khartoum.

(Sources: Morning Star News, Release contacts)