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Church Representative

Could you raise awareness and support in your church?

  • Promote prayer for persecuted Christians
  • Promote our free quarterly Voice magazine
  • Invite people to sign up to receive our information by post and email
  • Highlight Release initiatives
  • Recruit supporters
  • Encourage your leadership to support Release International
  • Invite a Release staff member or volunteer to speak to your church

How will we resource you?

  • Prayer resources such as our email alerts, prayer map, and prayers for partners requests
  • Posters for your church noticeboard
  • DVDs for use in church or home groups (most are 10-15 minutes long)
  • Powerpoint presentations you can adapt for your church
  • Information packs to resource fundraising, a Day of the Christian Martyr service, or a screening of Tortured for Christ (a 75-minute film)

How will we support you?

Let us know what you are planning, and we can:

  • Let you know about what others have found effective
  • Provide practical support for your fundraising initiatives
  • Publicise to local supporters any initiatives which are open to members of other churches
  • We will send you relevant emails, a quarterly newsletter and conduct an annual review

What will you get in return?

  • The opportunity to serve the church in the UK and Ireland, and our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world
  • Appropriate induction and training so you can represent Release International with confidence
  • Reimbursement of any agreed expenses
  • Support in your role

How do you become a Church Rep?

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