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Take the plunge: fill
your cafetière with
conviction coffee!
Individuals and churches can support
persecuted Christians simply by using Release
International’s own great-tasting brand
develop our own great-tasting Hazaq
Coffee. Hazaq is the Hebrew word for
‘strong, firm or courageous’.
Christians face hatred and
persecution in more than half of the
top 10 coffee-producing countries
in the world and we want this
association to lead to positive action.
Through our coffee we want to tell
the stories of those who suffer and
provoke a response of prayer with
every cup that is drunk.
We want to give churches and
individual Christians the opportunity
to buy their coffee in accordance
with their convictions, knowing that
all profits support the ministry of
Release International. We want to
give our coffee-loving supporters
the opportunity to stand strong with
persecuted Christians.
So, if you’re not already a regular
customer, we’d love you to try Hazaq
Coffee the next time you need to
restock. And what about your church?
Would you consider serving Hazaq
Coffee on Sunday mornings or in your
church café during the week?
‘It’s such a simple yet enjoyable way to
help our persecuted family,’ says Paul
Robinson, Release International CEO.
‘Every time you drink a Hazaq coffee,
you know you are helping another
All our coffee is available to buy
online at
and is delivered promptly direct to
your doorstep. Currently we stock
three distinct and delicious varieties
which are available as whole beans
or in a range of grinds to suit your
requirements. Our standard bags are
250g (we are also able to supply in
bulk 2kg bags on request) and when
you join our 3-bags-a-month Coffee
Club you’ll get a 10% discount on
your order! Coffee anyone?
Calling all coffee lovers! It’s
the most popular drink in the
world and according to the
British Coffee Association more than
two billion cups are consumed every
day; 98 million of those are in the
UK. A sophisticated ‘coffee culture’
has grown up around this popularity.
How is your coffee roasted? Where
does it come from? Do you grind
your own beans? How long should
it stand in the cafetière before you
plunge? And beyond the questions
of taste and brewing etiquette the
brand of coffee we drink can also
say something important about our
wider values. Coffee companies often
align themselves with particular
causes and promote those concerns
through their marketing and financial
At Release International we love good
coffee and we also have a message to
share. Back in 2019, with the help of
two gifted supporters, this led us to
We believe in ethically
sourced, freshly roasted,
great-tasting coffee direct
to your doorstep. We also
believe in standing strong
for persecuted Christians.

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