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Pastor Hasitha Nuwan
oversees seven churches
Thanks to the financial gifts of
Release International supporters,
our partners were able to help
a number of Christians who
experienced persecution last year:
A teenage girl from Manipur who
fled the violence was taken in by our
partners and provided with a new
home; a Christian who was arrested
on false charges of forced conversion
was released after our partner’s
intervention, and a pastor was helped
with medical care after being attacked
by militants.
‘We are so thankful to all the
supporters and prayer partners who
have made possible the helping of
persecuted Christians all across India.
As the persecution of Christians and
other religious minorities increases
dramatically with each passing month,
we are thankful that we have a global
network of people standing with us and
our workers.’
 That those being persecuted for their
faith in Jesus would be strong and
know that God is with them during
their trials
 For an end to the violence and
persecution in Manipur and that
the state of Manipur would be
able to rebuild again. Pray that
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
would address the issues there
and intervene to stop any ongoing
 That those in Uttar Pradesh who have
the constitutional rights to gather
and worship would be safe in their
efforts to follow Jesus
 Praise God that so many people are
following Jesus in India through our
partner’s church ministry
 Pray that pastors and other workers
would be faithful in their efforts to
build a community of believers, and
disciple those new in their faith.
Pray for their health, protection
and provision as well as unity in the
 For an end to human trafficking
in India which is a main source
of persecution against poor and
oppressed girls and women in both
religious and ethnic minorities
Christians have reportedly
experienced growing persecution
from their communities and extended
families in the past couple of years,
say our partners, who are in regular
contact with Afghan believers and
seekers – and that persecution is
expected to continue in 2024.
This can take the form of trying
to force them to recant their faith,
rejecting them from the family,
reporting them to local authorities
or religious leaders, and sometimes
threatening them with violence.
The Taliban also carry out searches of
homes, as well as of people’s phones,
said our partner.
‘As far as we are aware this is not
specifically targeted at Christians, but
when Bibles or Christian content are
discovered on a phone they are taken
into custody for questioning, sometimes
being beaten or imprisoned. Many
callers are fearful that their phones
are being listened to and conversations
recorded and ask us to contact them
through other forms of media. All of
this has created an environment of
increasing fear and isolation. As one
caller put it, “We live in fear everywhere
we go.”
‘The fear of persecution, as well as
actual persecution is increasing.
Some people tell us that websites
and social media sites they visit are
monitored. We also hear of generally
increasing pressure to conform to a strict
interpretation of the majority religion,
and those not conforming increasingly
stand out. We don’t hear that Christians
are being particularly targeted, but
where they are discovered or reported
by family, friends or religious leaders, we
hear of increased persecution.’
In addition to this, Afghan refugees
in neighbouring countries are being
threatened or deported back to
Afghanistan. Christians among these
are extremely vulnerable especially if
they were seeking asylum because of
their faith. ‘An Afghan migrant family in
a nearby country said, “We live in fear
and stress, nothing is moving with our
[asylum] case. Meanwhile the authorities
are searching and checking Afghan
migrants. We need your prayers.”’
Our partner said it was becoming
increasingly difficult for even small
groups of Afghan Christians to gather
for worship. Several believers reported
the pressure to attend a mosque, as well
as some believers being detained by the
authorities. They are afraid to meet in
groups or draw attention to themselves,
and they struggle with fear and mental
trauma. One told our partner: ‘As a few
of us gathered, we were arrested and
detained.’ There seem to be more online
groups forming, but even they can be
On top of this there appears to be an
increase in family or others reporting
Christians or trying to get them to
renounce Jesus.
The presence of the Taliban has caused many to flee Afghanistan
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