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funded, encouraged and supported
by various bodies both locally and
‘It is therefore certain that the pressure
on Christian communities will be
increased and sustained.’
At the same time our partner reported
that pastors who had been trained as a
result of Release International support
had continued evangelism in regions
controlled by Boko Haram.
‘We are excited to report more
communities are being reached.
The Lord has answered prayers for
opportunity for prison evangelism
for a group of our trained pastors
particularly to members of Boko
Haram who are in prison. We have also
seen the Lord’s deliverance for our
travelling teams.
‘We send our deepest appreciation to all
those who stand with us in prayers and
who support the persecuted in every
way they can. We are still standing here
because of your sacrifice and support.’
 For families and victims who have
suffered attacks or have been
 For the Church to find the courage to
continue missions and evangelism
despite the violence against
Release International partners provide aid for Christians displaced by the violence of militant groups such as Boko Haram
Dr Kiflu Gebremeskel has been in prison
since 2004
 For God to raise up godly leaders
whom He will use to bring better
governance in the country
The Eritrean Government continued to
arrest Christians in 2023 while at the
same time releasing others.
Among those detained were a group
of 44 believers who were seized while
gathering in two private homes at the
start of the year.
Many Christians are held without
charge and detained indefinitely.
Torture and brutality are
commonplace including being held
in shipping containers in the desert.
Many have been in prison for more
than a decade.
In March police arrested 30 Christians
who had gathered to worship in a
home in the town of Keren, 60 miles
northwest of the capital, Asmara.
At the same time nine Christian
prisoners were released.
Then in April more than 100 Christian
college students were arrested in
Asmara after gathering to sing and
record video clips for social media.
This arrest put the number of
Christian prisoners at more than 500,
around double the number 12 months
Our partner said that, although
Christian worship gatherings were
banned, the church would continue
serving God underground.
Even meeting for weddings is
becoming more risky as the
Government tries to weaken the
church in whatever way it can.
The war between Eritrea and Ethiopia
has also affected the church, with some
Christian leaders forced to participate
in the conflict.
 For all the Christians currently
detained, often in harsh conditions.
Some have been behind bars
for more than a decade. Two,

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