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TUESDAY 14: Hindu
nationalists appear to be
trying to sow anti-Christian
hatred among Meitei Hindus,
to help advance their cause
in the region. Pray against
any effort to stir up discord
and intolerance.
WEDNESDAY 15: Pray for the
families of Meitei Christians
Meena Hangsing, her son
Tonsing and her neighbour,
Lydia Lourembam, who were
burnt alive when a mob set
upon the ambulance taking
them to hospital during the
June riots.
THURSDAY 16: Pray for Liju
Kuriakose from Kerala who
is facing charges of human
trafficking and forced
conversion of eight students
from Chhattisgarh state
whom he was escorting to a
Bible institute.
FRIDAY 17: Pray for Pastor
Harendra Singh, his wife
Priya and their young son
who have been arrested in
Uttar Pradesh. The couple
have been accused of
‘luring innocent people to
SATURDAY 18: Pray for Pastor
Amarjeet Ram and 14 other
Christians who were arrested
at a prayer meeting in
Balapur, Uttar Pradesh, and
released on bail.
SUNDAY 19: Amid increasing
religious tensions ahead of
the general election next
spring, pray that Christians
will find ways to share
the love of God with those
around them.
MONDAY 20: Islamist activity
has increased sharply in
Burkina Faso, and Christians
have been the primary
targets since April 2019.
Pray for God’s people in this
troubled land.
TUESDAY 21: Pray for
believers in areas being
targeted by jihadists where
hundreds of churches
have been closed. Many
are going hungry too as
Burkina Faso suffers a severe
humanitarian crisis.
WEDNESDAY 22: As many
as 10,000 Christians have
fled their homes because of
threats and violent attacks.
Ask God to meet their needs
and pray for an end to the
Islamist insurgency.
THURSDAY 23: Pray for
wisdom, courage and
strength for church leaders
in Burkina Faso. One pastor
said: ‘Everyone in my church
has been traumatised.
Because I am carrying all
this burden, I have been
FRIDAY 24: Pray for the
families of the 42 children
and staff killed by militants
linked to Islamic State
during a massacre at the
mainly Christian Lhubiriha
Secondary School in
Mpondwe, western Uganda,
in June.
SATURDAY 25: Pray for the
return of eight children
abducted during the
June attack on Lhubiriha
Secondary School. Three
were reported to have been
rescued by the army.
SUNDAY 26: Pray for Pastor
Davidson Okirori of Mayuge
district, eastern Uganda, who
was attacked and beaten
unconscious by hard-line
Muslims after he contrasted
Jesus with Mohammed at a
MONDAY 27: Pray for the wife
and three-year-old son of
Abudu Amisi who was killed
by people in his village in
Pallisa district two weeks
after he put his faith in
TUESDAY 28: Pray that the
Ugandan Government will
do more to uphold religious
freedom, including the right
to share one’s beliefs and
convert from one faith to
WEDNESDAY 29: Pray for
the pastors whom Release
International associate
ministries are supporting to
stand in the face of growing
Islamist extremism. Pray
they will keep their eyes on
THURSDAY 30: Pray for the
church in the Sahel and
sub-Saharan regions of
Africa which many see as
the new epicentre of world
terrorism. Islamic State is
rallying jihadis to migrate to
the region.
‘Now that they have torn
down the churches and
burned them, where do
the people run to?’
Pastor Kamzamang, after
widespread anti-Christian
violence, Manipur
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