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During 2023 Christians experienced
physical and emotional abuse and
harassment of pastors and believers;
destruction of church buildings; false
charges and imprisonment, and the
prohibition of home prayer meetings.
Most significant was the widespread
ethnic violence that turned into
is complicit in all these attacks on
religious minorities by Hindu fanatics,’
it said.
‘The national elections will be
completed in May 2024 and if the
current Government is re-elected,
they will have even more power to act
without consequence. They may change
the constitution.
‘[We will] continue training our
workers, bolstering the courage of our
believers, appealing to the governments
of other nations for advocacy and
Many Christians around
the world are experiencing
increased persecution.
Here key partners report
on the pressures believers
are likely to face in the
next 12 months as hostile
governments and militant
groups seek to control and
even destroy the church
SOUTH ASIAreligious persecution in Manipur in
northeast India in May, which saw 60
people killed and 50 churches burnt or
‘Minorities in the state continue to
grapple with the after-effects of the
ethnic and communal violence that
erupted earlier this year,’ said our
One pastor has been unable to hold
Sunday services for the past five
months. In September he had to
conduct services for believers over
the telephone. Another church, whose
premises were demolished in the
May attack, no longer has a place to
hold meetings. The pastor cares for
his congregation by visiting them
There are ongoing threats and
persecution in the surrounding areas
but where possible pastors continue to
conduct Sunday services.
More widely across India persecution
is increasing, reported our partner.
‘The Hindu nationalist Government
The religious
violence in the
northeastern state
of Manipur, which
saw 60 killed and 50
churches destroyed,
sparked candle-lit
demonstrations in
India and beyond

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