All Out for God (follow up)

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Are you All Out for God?

Hold your church service outdoors to show solidarity with persecuted Christians.

Thankyou if you took part in this year’s All Out For God. We have left all the details of the day available below as you may like to incorporate 5 minutes of silence into a Church Service or Home Group on a different date more suitable to your calendar.


Every May we encourage churches up and down the country to hold a Sunday service in the open air to show their unity with persecuted believers and to pray for those who don’t enjoy the same freedoms we have in the UK.

For this year’s All Out for God (AO4G), which will be on May 29 (although you can choose another Sunday if that is more convenient) we are asking churches to set aside a five-minute time of silence during their service to remember our persecuted family:

  • those who have died for the faith and their bereaved families,
  • those forced to flee their homes,
  • believers behind bars simply because of their love for Christ,
  • and others who undergo unremitting oppression.

Paul Robinson, Release International CEO, said: ‘In the past you have faithfully held services outdoors and even under Covid restrictions stepped outside to pray for our persecuted family, and we are very grateful. We know that that act of solidarity and prayer means a huge amount to those suffering for the faith; to know that they are not forgotten.’

‘Please join us again this year in showing your love and support for persecuted believers. Our five minutes of silence represents our love for and unity with those who have no voice.’

If you are on social media please use the hashtag #AllOut4God to make others aware and to share your prayers on the day.