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Release International is a truly humbling and inspiring charity, seeking out, supporting and protecting some of the bravest and most vulnerable men, women and children who are being persecuted for their faith. Your support means so much. Thank You.’

Bear Grylls OBE Chief Scout

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A prayer for the persecuted is the cry of a loving heart.

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Pray that God’s word will spread across Laos, despite restrictions. Bibles are not sold in book shops and the Government restricts distributions of Bibles and Christian literature.

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Will you help a Christian family in flight like Fatemah's to rebuild their lives?

“For years and years I kept praying to Jesus, that our suffering would end. That I would see my beloved husband again and be reunited with my children. That we could escape the horror and persecution of Eritrea and move to somewhere safe, where we can be a Christian family living in peace. Thank you Release International supporters for making this possible and being with us during these hard years.” (Fatemah, a Christian woman in flight from Eritrea)

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Thousands of persecuted Christians in flight are facing their darkest winter yet. Your generous gift today can brighten their Christmas and give them hope for tomorrow.