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What can I do as a Church Leader to help my congregation understand and respond to persecution?

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In 1 Corinthians 12:26 the Apostle Paul writes that ‘if one part of the body suffers, every part suffers with it.’

Local churches in the UK have a vital part to play in supporting persecuted Christians and we want to both encourage and equip you in this calling. As we enter into fellowship with our persecuted brothers and sisters the faith of our own congregations is enriched and we learn valuable lessons of discipleship together.

There are various ways we can help you encourage your church to get involved:

Building One Body


'Building One Body' Church Partnership

Our Building One Body church partnership programme is designed to allow local churches in the UK to connect with one particular international project supporting persecuted believers. This is a helpful way to build a deeper mutual relationship.

We provide you with regular updates and prayer information from our partners on the ground, and in certain cases it may also be possible to arrange for a small group to visit. In turn we ask you to commit to praying for the project and to make a regular financial contribution which will directly support the work.

For more information click here to download Building One Body as an A4 sized pdf.



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Video and other Resources

We know that short videos are an excellent way to communicate with local congregations when they are gathered for Sunday worship.


We regularly produce a range of one to five-minute films which present the situation facing Christians in various countries and introduce Release International’s partners and projects in those areas.


We also develop longer eight to twelve-minute films which can be used in other settings such as home groups or prayer meetings. Full-length recordings of our public events are also regularly made available.


You can watch and download these resources on our Vimeo channel


All for Jesus is a small-group Bible study series written by Release International’s Kenneth Harrod. Each of the five studies focuses on a passage of scripture and poses questions that explore what Christian discipleship looks like in a world that is hostile to Jesus. Helpful notes for group leaders are provided at the back of the booklet. You can order copies for your home groups here.


Our free quarterly Voice magazine is a key resource, sharing up-to-date information about our work across the world. It also includes our daily prayer diary. We would be very happy to send you multiple copies of each issue to share with your church. To subscribe please click here.


Volunteer Speaker


Invite a Release International Speaker

We employ a team of dedicated Engagement Managers, supported by trained volunteer speakers, who would be delighted to visit your church to share more about the plight of persecuted Christians and the work of Release International.

We are committed to bringing a biblical perspective to the subject of persecution and exploring how this applies both in the lives of the persecuted Christians we support and in our own UK context. Our speakers cover all areas of the UK and are available to preach at Sunday services, share at mid-week meetings or present at special events (in person or online) – whatever is most suitable for your church.

There is no charge for a presentation but we appreciate contributions to our costs.


Please contact your nearest Engagement Manager:

LONDON & SOUTH: Jonny – 07861 656269

MIDLANDS & NORTH: Allister – 07916 396 178

N IRELAND & IRELAND: Stephen – 07933 313 169

SCOTLAND: James – 07434 894 016

WALES & WEST: Paul – 07861 651 139

WOMEN’S MINISTRY: Laura – 01689 823491

Alternatively you can call our office on 01689 823491, or email us at:



International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) and Day of the Christian Martyr

June 29 is the date on which some Christian churches have remembered the martyrdoms of the apostles Peter and Paul. Release International now uses this date to encourage Christians to remember modern-day martyrs for Christ and to pray for their families. Similar to IDOP we encourage churches to mark the Day of the Christian Martyr and we provide a range of resources to help which can be found here.

Every November the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church (IDOP) is marked by churches from all denominations across the world. It is a special opportunity to draw unified attention to the suffering of our brothers and sisters and to stand with them in prayer.

We encourage all local churches in the UK to take part in some way. You could devote all or part of a Sunday service in November to the theme, or you could organise a special time of prayer. We provide a range of resources to help you participate including, sermon outlines, PowerPoint presentations, prayer points, testimonies and suggested songs. These are available on our IDOP page.


Host an International Partner Speaker Event

Each year we invite one or more of our international partners to the UK to share the first-person voice of persecution. We partner with local churches to organise these events and we would be delighted to consider your church as a possible venue. Please get in touch with your regional Engagement Manager for more information. (See the EM contact details in Section Three above.)

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Christmas, Harvest and Lent Appeals

We know that many churches choose to direct their annual Christmas, Harvest or Lent giving to ministry work that is close to their hearts.

We have a range of projects supporting persecuted Christians in various contexts which you may want to consider this year. We can supply digital and hard-copy materials to help you profile the project you choose.

Explore our interactive globe to find out more about various countries around the world where persecution of Christians occurs and the projects we are engaged in to help our persecuted family.

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Appoint a Church Representative Volunteer

We recognise that pastors and church leaders are kept very busy with the various demands of local church life. We are very happy to have direct contact with you but we also encourage you to consider appointing a Release International church representative as a point of contact.

Someone in your congregation who is passionate about supporting persecuted Christians and good at communicating information would be ideal. For more information please contact our Volunteering Manager Andrew Wilmshurst.