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For us at Release volunteering is rooted in our biblical understanding of servanthood, for example from the Greek word Diakonos, particularly with regard to one of its meanings, to be ‘a servant‘. (Philippians 1 v 1; 1 Timothy 3 v 8; Acts 6 v 3)

Our team across the UK and Ireland serve in all sorts of roles. We have a dedicated group of volunteers who live in or around Orpington and come in during the week to help make sure the office runs smoothly. Further afield we have some brilliant people who represent us in churches, raising awareness and encouraging people to pray and support persecuted Christians in an informed way.

Our speaker team represents us by going along to churches and engaging people with the issues, often for the first time. And we have other volunteers who offer specialist skills in a number of areas.


We are currently looking for a Resources Volunteer to help support our Finance & Resources department with some practical tasks. The role will be based here in our offices in Orpington and we are looking for someone who would be able to give approximately half a day a month. Please click here for more details.

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Sign up here to find out more about becoming a Release Volunteer. Our Volunteer co-ordinator will contact you to discuss how you can become involved.

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