Volunteer Specialist

Use your specialist skills to help our persecuted family

Vol Specialist

Do you have a specialist skill that you would like to use to serve persecuted Christians?


We currently have Volunteer Specialists supporting us in IT, web design, film and social media, proof reading, graphic design, transcribing, translating and project management.

Let us know, by using the form below, your details and what particular skill you are offering and we will contact you.

We value our volunteers and will commit to pray for you on a regular basis. We will provide you with any agreed resources you need, as well as practical support. We will also provide you with general volunteering information, our Volunteers’ Handbook and a quarterly newsletter. We will reimburse any agreed expenses you incur.

So how do you become a Volunteer Specialist at Release International?

You must be aged 18 or above;
You must agree with our Faith and Policy statements and our Volunteer Charter.

Just email us here and we will send you more information.

Other volunteer roles you may be interested in:

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Interested In Becoming a Volunteer Specialist?

Please complete the online Expression of Interest Form below.

Enter your details to let us know of your interest in being a Volunteer Specialist. Our Volunteering Coordinator will then contact you to discuss your application.

Please note – we only accept volunteer enquiries from the UK. Should you live outside of the UK, please go here to contact the office in your nation for more information.


Church Attended (Name, Town)
PLEASE NOTE: We can only accept volunteer enquiries from the UK.

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