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Inviting a Release speaker to your church or fellowship group is a great way to hear about and be inspired by the stories of persecuted Christians around the world.

Our speakers can take a whole service, or deliver talks to your congregation or prayer or fellowship groups in person or by online presentation.

There is no charge for a presentation but we appreciate contributions to our costs.


Please contact your nearest Development Manager:

ENGLAND:  Kenneth – 07375 516 408   kharrod@releaseinternational.org

IRELAND:  Stephen – 07933 313 169   smcilroy@releaseinternational.org

LONDON:  Imtiaz – 07861 655 100   iashraf@releaseinternational.org

SCOTLAND:  James – 07434 894 016   jfraser@releaseinternational.org

WALES AND WEST MIDLANDS:  Paul – 07861 651 139   pthomas@releaseinternational.org

WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIPS:  Laura (Release Women) – 01689 823491   lhayes@releaseinternational.org

YOUTH GROUPS:  Chioma (Release Potential, for those aged 18-30) – 07861 656 269  cfanawopo@releaseinternational.org

Alternatively you can use the form below, or call our office on 01689 823491 (for Ireland please contact Florence on 028 9334 0014), or email us at: info@releaseinternational.org

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