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Prisoners of Faith

In many countries around the world Christians face detention and torture, simply for following Jesus Christ.

In countries such as Burma, China, Eritrea, North Korea, Pakistan and Vietnam, Christian pastors, evangelists and other believers are in prison today because of their active Christian witness.

Release’s Prisoners of Faith ministry gives pastoral care and practical support to Christians imprisoned for their faith in Jesus Christ, and their families. We encourage supporters in the UK and Ireland to pray for prisoners, write letters of encouragement, campaign for their release, and give financially to support this vital work.

Get to know Prisoners of faith

Release has produced a series of Prisoner Profiles, a few of which appear below, to give you the latest news and contact details for prisoners that we serve.

We will keep these profiles up to date with new information as we receive it so please download the latest version whenever you wish to write.

Please Note: We will be adding more profiles as they are prepared so please keep checking back for more information...

Prisoner Name: Pastor Wang Yi

Location: China

Arrested: December 2018

Sentence: 9 years imprisonment

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Prisoner Name: Pastor John Cao

Location: China

Arrested: March 2017

Sentence: 7 years imprisonment

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Prisoner Name: Naser Navard

Location: Iran

Arrested: June 2016

Sentence: 10 years imprisonment

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Pray and support prisoners of faith

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