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Egypt is a country where Christians have experienced persecution from the early years of the Church. The persecutors have changed over the years; today persecution comes primarily from various forms of radical Islam, including, more recently, Islamic State.

The form of persecution varies widely from ongoing oppression to direct and violent attacks. The ten million-plus Christians in Egypt are marginalised when it comes to education and suffer high levels of poverty, especially in the more rural areas such as Upper Egypt. There is particular pressure on those who convert from Islam, and the law in Egypt does not allow the changing of religion on a person’s ID card if they are Muslim. At various times the persecution has taken a more deadly form, as seen in the attacks in August 2013 following the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, and more recently in deadly bomb attacks on churches, and the targeted killing of Christians in the North Sinai region.


Our partners in Egypt serve the Christian communities in Upper Egypt, mainly around the city of Minya. Release supports their ministry providing compassionate assistance. For Christians in the region poverty is a real issue, with many having to flee their homes due to ongoing oppression, leaving behind all their possessions. Our partners help Christians to rebuild their lives by, for example, providing beds, toilets and roofs for their new homes, as well as helping some to establish micro projects to earn a living.


Release aims to fund the project with £12,000 per annum. “Now that you know, you must do something about it.” – these were the words that Ruth, who leads this ministry, sensed God saying to her when she first saw the situation of Christians in Upper Egypt. She identifies her work with 1 Corinthians 12:25-26, requiring Christians to be a real body, the Body of Christ.

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