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Welcome to Release International’s NEW Voice Podcast page.

The first three episodes are now available below.

Episodes include interviews with our international partners, panel discussions with our staff, book reviews and other compelling material which will help you to hear the voice of our persecuted brothers and sisters.

The episodes drop monthly and are available to download here or through you favourite podcast app.

The titles of the first three episodes are:

What is IDOP?

(Duration: 18m 27s)

We all have busy lives, there are lots of things that compete for our attention and it is easy to get consumed by the stuff that is right in front of us. IDOP gives us a focused opportunity to step back for a moment – to remember, and to pray for our wider Christian family who share in the sufferings of Christ.

Download and read a transcript of this podcast here.

Prisoners of Faith: Pakistan

(Duration: 16m 52s)

How would you feel if you were arrested and imprisoned because of your faith? In some parts of the world the prospect of spending time in prison is an immanent risk for Christian believers. In Pakistan hundreds of Christians have been falsely accused under the notorious blasphemy laws and many are currently behind bars. On today’s podcast host Sarah is joined by Release worker Imtiaz and Release partner Waseem who is based in Pakistan. We’re going to discover what life is like, not just for Christian prisoners, but also for their families. And we are going to be reminded of just how important it is for Christians here in the UK to remember them.

Download and read a transcript of this podcast here.

Following Jesus No Matter What

(Duration: 21m 55s)

Freedom of religion, freedom of belief, is something we tend to take from granted in the West. We can believe in any god or no god – and crucially we can change our mind. When the evidence stacks up, or when we have an encounter we just can’t explain, we can change our position.

But in many places that kind of freedom does not exist. Choosing to change, choosing to follow Jesus if you are not from a Christian background is simply not an acceptable option.

On today’s podcast host Sarah is speaking to a remarkable couple from South East Asia. They made that daring choice to follow Jesus and now they are working discreetly to help others in a similar position.

Download and read a transcript of this podcast here.

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