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Daily Prayer Shield

Prayer Shield

13 April 2021 – China

Praise God for the strong faith of Li Wei’s wife in China. When their water and power were cut off, she said: ‘We are forced to live in darkness. But our hearts are full of… the light that comes from God’s Word.’

Prayer Shield

12 April 2021 – China

Pray for ‘Li Wei’, his wife and children who were evicted from three apartments during the pandemic in China last year ‒ simply because of their faith in Jesus. Their landlords had been pressured by Communist party members.

Prayer Shield

11 April 2021 – China

In jail Pastor Zhang has suffered various abuses, including being denied access to proper food and being subjected to ‘concentrated education’. Ask God to strengthen and uphold prisoners of faith in China such as Zhang.

Prayer Shield

10 April 2021 – China

Pray for Chinese Pastor Zhang Shaojie of Nanle County Christian Church who has been transferred to a different prison in Henan province to carry out the remaining five years of his 12-year sentence for alleged fraud.

Prayer Shield

9 April 2021 – China

Chinese officials have taken advantage of the pandemic to accelerate their crackdown on the church. Pray that God’s people will be strengthened in their faith and draw deeply on His Word.

Prayer Shield

8 April 2021 – Sri Lanka

Since the Easter Sunday attack on them, members of St Sebastian’s Church, Negombo, have held services under armed guard. Pray that Sri Lanka will witness a new era of religious freedom where such protection is not needed.

Prayer Shield

7 April 2021 – Sri Lanka

Judges in Sri Lanka recently ordered the release of ten suspects held in connection with the 2019 bombings. Pray for justice for all those who died.

'Let us be on the side of those who sit in jails and are sentenced to death for their faith. Let us pray for them and help them'.

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