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Daily Prayer Shield

Prayer Shield

13 November 2019 – Algeria

The leader of the Church in Makouda, in Tizi Ouzou province – the second-largest Protestant congregation in Algeria – has been warned he faces charges for building violations. Pray that these threats will come to nothing.

Prayer Shield

12 November 2019 – Algeria

Pray for a landowner in Azaghar, Algeria who has been charged with allowing unauthorised worship on his land. A church whose building was sealed in 2018 has been meeting in a tent there.

Prayer Shield

11 November 2019 – Algeria

Christian convert ‘Ahmed’ was charged in Algeria with ‘undermining Islam’ after his wife filed a complaint against him – but he was later acquitted. Pray that ‘Ahmed’, whose wife has now divorced him under pressure from relatives, will be allowed access to his daughters.

Prayer Shield

10 November 2019 – Algeria

Rachid is an Algerian Christian with a Muslim background whose Muslim wife charged him with inciting her to change her religion. Thank God that he has had his acquittal upheld. His wife ended their ten-year marriage in March.

Prayer Shield

9 November 2019 – Algeria

Pray that Algeria’s Christians will be a powerful witness to God’s love and grace, especially to those officials who are obeying orders and shutting churches down.

Prayer Shield

8 November 2019 – Algeria

Pastor Youcef is Vice-President of the Protestant Church of Algeria, an organisation of 45 churches. Several others have been ordered to close like his. Ask God to grant these church leaders wisdom.

Prayer Shield

7 November 2019 – Algeria

A church and its Bible school in Boudjima, were closed in May, despite the fact that its pastor, Youcef Ourahmane, says the church has applied for a permit. Pray that this congregation in Algeria will continue to enjoy strong fellowship.

'Let us be on the side of those who sit in jails and are sentenced to death for their faith. Let us pray for them and help them'.

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