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To lift up persecuted Christians in your prayers and see God at work in their lives


Daily Prayer Shield

Prayer Shield

2 April 2020 – Nigeria

In Nigeria, thousands of people in the mainly Christian town of Garkida fled their homes when hundreds of militants launched a five-hour assault recently, burning homes, churches and public buildings. Ask God to restore what has been lost.

Prayer Shield

1 April 2020 – Nigeria

Pray for the family of Rev Lawan Andimi, a senior Christian leader in Adamawa state, Nigeria, who was kidnapped and killed by militant group Boko Haram earlier this year. Praise God for his strong faith: in a video released by his captors, he said he was ‘in the hands of God’.

Prayer Shield

31 March 2020 – Indonesia

Andreas Sarno says he would have preferred a longer sentence so he would have had more time to share the gospel with his fellow inmates. Praise God for him and other Christian prisoners who have led others to Christ behind bars in Indonesia.

Prayer Shield

30 March 2020 – Indonesia

Pray for Andreas Sarno, 80, and Bintang Sirait, 73, who were convicted of blasphemy last March for distributing Christian booklets and sentenced to eight months in prison in Indonesia.

Prayer Shield

29 March 2020 – Indonesia

Praise God for the powerful witness of congregations such as Surabaya Central Pentecostal Church who continued to meet immediately after the 2018 bombings in Indonesia. Pray their determination to remain faithful to Christ will cause many to want to know more about Him.

Prayer Shield

28 March 2020 – Indonesia

Pray for Wenny Hudojo who lost her sons, Nathan and Evan, when suicide bombers in Indonesia targeted St Mary’s Church in Surabaya. Wenny was seriously injured and remains in pain.

Prayer Shield

27 March 2020 – Indonesia

Please continue to pray for those still struggling to come to terms with bereavement or injury in Indonesia after the suicide bombings of three churches in Surabaya, East Java, in May 2018. Some people are still requiring medical treatment.

'Let us be on the side of those who sit in jails and are sentenced to death for their faith. Let us pray for them and help them'.

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