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To lift up persecuted Christians in your prayers and see God at work in their lives


Daily Prayer Shield

Prayer Shield

21 May 2019 – Algeria

Pray that Algerians generally would recognise the rights of the Algerian church and show greater tolerance towards believers.

Prayer Shield

20 May 2019 – Algeria

Please pray for an Algerian Christian who recently faced blasphemy charges, brought by his wife’s family. Though he was acquitted, his in-laws have denied him access to his children and forced his wife to divorce him.

Prayer Shield

19 May 2019 – Algeria

Pray for four Christians from Bouira in Algeria who were recently acquitted of ‘inciting a Muslim to change his religion’, which is a criminal offence. The prosecutor is contesting their acquittal.

Prayer Shield

18 May 2019 – Algeria

Pray for the persecuted Church of Azagher in the Kabylie region of Algeria. When officials sealed their building last October, the congregation put up a tent and have worshipped there since.

Prayer Shield

17 May 2019 – Algeria

Pray that church leaders and their congregations in Algeria will know the Lord’s peace, wisdom and guidance amid growing pressure.

Prayer Shield

16 May 2019 – Algeria

A 2006 decree in Algeria requires churches to have a licence, yet no licence has been issued since 2006. Pray that the churches that have been closed will be allowed to reopen.

Prayer Shield

15 May 2019 – Algeria

The Algerian Government is reportedly being pressured by other Muslim countries to respond to church growth. It closed at least 11 churches last year. Pray that the Government will resist this external pressure to curb the church.

'Let us be on the side of those who sit in jails and are sentenced to death for their faith. Let us pray for them and help them'.

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