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Daily Prayer Shield

Prayer Shield

19 June 2021 – Kenya

Church members in Otamba in Kenya were reportedly afraid to attend open-air services held after the attacks in January. Pray that God will strengthen believers so they can enjoy fellowship again.

Prayer Shield

18 June 2021 – Kenya

Five church buildings in the village of Otamba were attacked by suspected arsonists in Kisii county over five days in January. Pray for justice and full reparations for these church communities in Kenya.

Prayer Shield

17 June 2021 – Kenya

Pray for believers in parts of Kenya with a strong Muslim majority. In eastern Kenya, al-Shabaab extremists target Christians: churches have been bombed and believers killed.

Prayer Shield

16 June 2021 – Laos

Christians in Laos are often excluded from distributions of practical support such as food. Pray that God will provide for them through His church.

Prayer Shield

15 June 2021 – Laos

Pray for justice for one of the Christians in northern Laos whose land has been taken over by illegal loggers. When he submitted a formal complaint, the village official said: ‘Letting you Christians [stay] in this village is a waste of land here.’

Prayer Shield

14 June 2021 – Laos

Pray for several Christian families in northern Laos who are refusing to leave their village, despite hostility from local residents who are pressuring them to return to ancestor worship.

Prayer Shield

13 June 2021 – Laos

Pray for the safe return of Pastor Sithong Theppavong from a farming area of Savannakhet province in Laos. He was arrested in March 2020 after receiving repeated warnings to cease his ministry. His wife has faced harassment.

'Let us be on the side of those who sit in jails and are sentenced to death for their faith. Let us pray for them and help them'.

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