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To lift up persecuted Christians in your prayers and see God at work in their lives


Daily Prayer Shield

Prayer Shield

25 June 2018 – Malaysia

It is illegal for Malays to convert to Christianity or to have a Bible. Most churches in Malaysia operate in minority languages, not Malay. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move among the Malay community.

Prayer Shield

24 June 2018 – Kyrgyzstan

Let’s stand with our family in Kyrgyzstan in asking God to forgive those who burned the church and lead them to repentance. Pray that their forgiveness will be a powerful witness.

Prayer Shield

23 June 2018 – Kyrgyzstan

#Pray50 Pray that the militants in Kyrgyzstan suspected of the firebomb attack on Evangelical Christian Baptist Church in Kaji-Say (previous Prayer Shield) will hear about the Bible on the altar and start to consider the reality of Christ.

Prayer Shield

22 June 2018 – Kyrgyzstan

Thank God for His people in the Evangelical Christian Baptist Church in Kaji-Say: they chose to focus on the Bible on the altar that survived a firebomb attack on their church in Kyrgyzstan, rather than the devastation of their building. They view this as a sign from God they should stand firm in their faith.

Prayer Shield

21 June 2018 – Kyrgyzstan

Churches in Kyrgyzstan have faced growing opposition from both Islamic radicals and state officials. Pray that our family will be radiant with God’s love and grace and be a strong influence on society.

Prayer Shield

20 June 2018 – Eritrea

#Pray50 Pray that members of the Eritrean Government led by President Isaias Afewerki will start to question and reject the repressive policies they are implementing.

Prayer Shield

19 June 2018 – Eritrea

Ask God to heal ‘Shiden’, who has struggled with his mental health since being freed from jail in Eritrea, where he suffered appalling abuse and conditions for 13 years. He was 22 and on military service when he was detained.

'Let us be on the side of those who sit in jails and are sentenced to death for their faith. Let us pray for them and help them'.

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