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Daily Prayer Shield

Prayer Shield

19 January 2019 – North Korea

Praise God that our partners were able to send nearly 40,000 Bibles into North Korea in the past year.

Prayer Shield

18 January 2019 – North Korea

Pray that North Korean officials will stop seeing Christians as ‘bad citizens’ but rather as a positive social force.

Prayer Shield

17 January 2019 – North Korea

Our partners fear that North Korea’s ‘state church’ is an instrument of state propaganda, while the underground church continues to face intense persecution. Pray that the international community will not abandon North Korea’s persecuted believers.

Prayer Shield

16 January 2019 – North Korea

Foreign missionary activity has been described in North Korea’s official documents as ‘acts of terror’. Pray that God will protect those spreading the gospel inside North Korea.

Prayer Shield

15 January 2019 – North Korea

Continue to pray that the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, will come to know Christ.

Prayer Shield

14 January 2019 – North Korea

Our partners say that the apparent easing of tensions between North and South Korea has not led to any change in religious liberty inside the ‘hermit kingdom’. Ask God to sustain His long-suffering people inside North Korea.

Prayer Shield

13 January 2019 – Malaysia

Thank God that calls for greater religious freedom are growing in Malaysia. Yet, our partners there say this may provoke Muslim hardliners to greater persecution as they pursue their bid to make their country an Islamic state.

'Let us be on the side of those who sit in jails and are sentenced to death for their faith. Let us pray for them and help them'.

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