Aster and her sister were imprisoned and beaten for their faith

Aster R123

Aster and her twin sister Azieb only had to sign a piece of paper and they would be free to go home. They refused – and paid heavily for their faith in Christ.

They had been arrested with other Christians at a small gathering in Eritrea, the north-east African country whose oppressive regime has been persecuting Evangelical Christians heavily over the past two decades.

Transferred from prison cell to prison cell, they ended up being confined in barbaric shipping containers – scorching hot by day and freezing cold by night. Repeatedly they and others were told they would be set free if they simply signed a piece of paper renouncing their faith.

Eventually they were both beaten. Aster ended up in hospital, having been beaten unconscious. When she was returned to her prison friends told her that her sister had died from the beating she suffered.

Aster was later released and eventually fled the country. She now lives in Paris. Looking back on her ordeal she said, “The person who beat my sister was full of anger. I felt sorry for them, because they didn’t seem to have any soul.”

Aster's Sister Azieb, Who Was Beaten To Death In An Eritrean Prison

Aster’s sister Azieb before her arrest

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