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CHINA: Pastors say ‘Thank you’

Your support has enabled leaders in China’s underground (unregistered) churches to continue their vital gospel ministries – despite the Covid-19 pandemic and increasing persecution by the Government.

Release partner Bob Fu of China Aid recently told us how the Chinese Government is exploiting Covid-19 to increase restrictions on underground believers.

‘The Chinese Government is trying every way to take advantage of the virus, by increasing the crackdown against Christian churches,’ he said.

‘It has accelerated particular campaigns, such as the forced demolition of crosses, even those of government-sanctioned churches.’

In February tough new rules controlling religion came into effect, targeting online church services and prayer meetings.

However, thanks to your generous giving, Release has been able to support the pastors of one particular local church network for several years. We recently received several warm letters of personal thanks from these leaders. Some extracts are given below:

Names have been changed for security reasons.

Visit our YouTube Channel to find out more about Bob Fu and the work he does for the church in China.

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