News from Nigeria and Iran

Release commemorates The Day of the Christian Martyr

Release International has hosted an on-line event to commemorate The Day of the Christian Martyr.

According to estimates, some 11 Christians are killed each day – around 4,000 a year.

Christian martyrs throughout the ages are commemorated by the Church on June 29, but Release has made available resources online to remember modern martyrs at any time. Those resources are available here.

Release’s YouTube event featured video interviews on persecution in Nigeria and Iran.

Rashin Soodmand gave a powerful and moving interview about her father, Hossein, who was the last Christian to be executed in Iran for apostasy.

And from Nigeria, Release partner Mark Lipdo described a recent attack on a Christian village. He went on to speak in personal terms about the cost of serving persecuted Christians under fire in his home country.

Release CEO Paul Robinson says: ‘On The Day of the Christian Martyr we remember our brothers and sisters in Christ who have given their lives for their faith. Let’s be inspired by their example – and make every day count.’

You can watch the 40-minute recording on YouTube here.