NORTH KOREA: ‘Let us worship God’

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Let us worship God.‘ Faced with the death penalty these are the last words of Christians to their captors

A group of North Koreans who met Jesus in China took the gospel message back to their homeland but according to a state security video were arrested after the discovery of a Bible in their bags.

The account was relayed to our partner Voice of the Martyrs Korea (VOMK) by a believer, ‘Mr C’, who had seen the state security training video in North Korea before defecting.

He told VOMK: ‘One day my friend called me to tell me that he received some interesting videos that he wanted to share with me. I asked him what kind of videos they are. According to my friend, the video is only watched by NIS [the intelligence service which trains state security agents]. I found it interesting to watch. I asked him to give it to me on a USB.

‘Young brothers and sisters appeared in this video. They met Jesus in China and wanted to preach the gospel in North Korea. They came back in and were imprisoned by the North Korean police after the discovery of a Bible hidden at the bottom of their bags during an inspection by the North Korean police.’

‘It is a very scary place that makes even the dead open their mouths’

They were faced with tremendous hardships. Let me briefly explain what North Korean state security prison is like. It is a very scary place that makes even the dead open their mouths. I was also caught in this prison once. It is a truly scary place. These Christians would have experienced scary tortures and psychological pain and heard inhumane words there. They must have suffered more than anyone else.’

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Mr C used to think that underground Christians were crazy. Now he is moved to repentance by their great faith

‘At the end of the video, the death penalty was chosen for them. At that time, the NIS member said to them, “Do you have any last words?” These brothers and sisters said this: “Let me worship God.” When this word is said in the video, a member of NIS went on to say that Christianity is a very bad [thing] that makes people useless. The video ended with propagating the idea that Christianity makes people unable to see the road in front of them and makes them weak people who do not believe in their own power. The video went on to say that awareness should be raised, and an appeal was made that we should prevent these people from entering the land again.’

‘At that time, while watching the video, I thought that these people were crazy people. They could have said, “Forgive me,” or “Please, let me see my family for the last time.” But they didn’t seem to be normal people of sound mind. However, as I have come to believe in God, I learned what great faith they had and repented about my sinful thought about them with tears before God.’

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