PRAYER ALERT: Christians killed in two more attacks in Nigeria’s Kaduna State

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Fulani Islamists have killed 27 Christians in two recent attacks in Nigeria’s Kaduna State.

Local sources reported that 17 people were slain in Ungwan Wakili village, on March 10, and a further 10 Christians killed in Langson village four days later.

Joshua Solomon said of the first attack, “My family house in the village was attacked by the terrorists and armed herdsmen. The house was burned down, and no one is left alive. They killed all my family members.”

Another resident, Barnabas Tonak, told Morning Star News, “Our attackers were Muslim Fulani herdsmen who came along with terrorists to invade our community. Five members of my family were among those killed, and another family member was injured. Aside from the killing of our people, these herdsmen have in the past deliberately destroyed our farms and crops.”

Spokesmen for the Southern Kaduna People in Diaspora (SOKAPDA), Europe, said in a statement, “These attacks are coming barely three months after the mass murder of 38 harmless Christian villagers in Malagum, Kamuru-Ikulu and Abun (Broni Prono) communities in southern Kaduna.”

“The governments of Nigeria and that of Kaduna state have shown little support to either the victims or issued a simple statement of condemnation of the killings.”

Update on Release International’s campaign

Next Tuesday sees the launch of Release International’s campaign, Out of these Ashes, which focuses on the situation in Nigeria. The three-month long campaign seeks to highlight the suffering of Christians in that country and to call Christians in the UK to concerted prayer.


  • Pray for the families of victims in Ungwan Wakili and Langson villages: that they may know God’s grace and comfort as they mourn the loss of loved ones.
  • Pray that the national and state authorities will do more to protect Christian communities from the attacks of Islamist militants.
  • Pray that Release International’s Out of these Ashes campaign will prompt the concern of Christians in the UK and will motivate many to be praying for those in Nigeria who suffer for Christ and the gospel.


(Source: Morning Star News)