A Prayer For Those Who Flee

Lord, we lift to You all our brothers and sisters who have been forced to flee, simply because they love You.

Father, continue to uphold all of the displaced believers who have left their homes, their work, their friends and their land through fear of those who seek to kill them because they call You their Lord and Master.

In so many countries our family is in flight. The list of countries seems to grow each day and we pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria, in Iran, in Iraq, in Lebanon, in North Korea, in Nigeria and for our partners who seek to help them adjust to living in a new place when they arrive without so many of the bare essentials which we take for granted.

Lord, continue to prepare the ground in other countries, like Brazil, who are willing to accept these migrants and give them new homes and new opportunities to worship you in peace. Bless the local churches who help these new families to settle and become part of the church family in their new country.

Father, give us open hearts to accept these brothers and sisters if they move into our neighbourhood.

Lord, help us to help them. As they trust in You – so do we, and we ask now that our gifts will be used wisely and to great effect by those who receive them; that none of us will lose our faith in You; and that Your kingdom will continue to grow on Earth despite the opposition it faces in so many places around the world.