Prince of Wales Standard

Prince Charles has declared himself moved and humbled by meeting persecuted Christians – many of whom have had to flee from their homelands.

Writing in The Telegraph over Easter, Prince Charles said he had made a point of meeting believers – of many faiths – who had been persecuted.

‘It is estimated that 245 million Christians worldwide have faced persecution,’ he wrote. ‘The most vulnerable are the women and children. Many have been attacked and made homeless. I have been immensely moved and humbled by the courage and dignity of those I have met.

‘This Easter they are specially in my prayers as they follow in the footsteps of our Lord who died for his faith. They have impressed me deeply by their lack of bitterness and by their desire to return to… live in harmony with those of other faiths.

‘The Easter message, with its emphasis on the timeless and universal values of forgiveness and reconciliation, gives hope to us all… It encourages us to look for and to celebrate those moments in our own lives and in our own communities when we see the light overcoming the darkness.’


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