Release International Calls On Indian PM To Guarantee Religious Freedom Following Nationalist Election Landslide

India flag

International observers fear the landslide victory for nationalists in the Indian elections could spur a change in the constitution that would make persecution even worse for Christians.

Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been swept back into power with an increased majority.

Some Christians fear the new government will be emboldened to press ahead with moves to scrap the secular constitution and establish India as a Hindu nation. Release International believes that could put India’s 28 million Christians at risk.

Persecution is already on the rise in India. Crimes of violence against Christians doubled during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first term. Now he’s been re-elected with an overall majority, there are fears that intolerance could rise again.

Release International calls on the Indian Prime Minister to:

  • Guarantee the security of its Christian community,
  • To pledge that aggression in the name of nationalism or religion will not be tolerated, and
  • To make assurances that India will remain a secular nation where religious freedom is guaranteed for all.