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Appeal for Christians suffering oppression

Oppressed Christians like Anna need your help today

For poor and marginalised Christians living in remote villages of Upper Egypt, in the slums of India or brick kilns of Pakistan eating a meal once a day was a luxury.

But, since the COVID-19 lockdown many of them are struggling to stay alive.

A few days ago, I spoke to one of our ministry partners in Egypt and my heart broke when I heard the stories of Christian families in Upper Egypt who desperately need our help.

This is what they said:

Many Christian labourers who depended on daily wages were already struggling with poverty. Now they have nothing. Their children are going hungry every day.’

‘With your help we can help them in practical ways to break free from poverty.

Will you give £25 today to help provide emergency food and financial support to Christians who are suffering because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Your support will help an impoverished Christian mother like Anna to put food on the table and a roof on her home.

Anna is the only breadwinner in her family of five. Two of her children are severely handicapped. Her husband is bed-ridden, struggling with a long illness that is draining his life away.

They live in a house made of raw brick walls and a roof made of straw which does not withstand heavy rains or the intense summer heat. Often families like Anna’s struggle with poverty all their lives because they are Christians who refuse to convert to Islam. They are forced to work for low wages and face prejudice and discrimination.

When outreach workers from our ministry partner visited Anna’s house they felt heartbroken. They sat in silence for a few moments. Because, what can you say to a woman who is struggling daily to provide food and to care for her sick family living in such horrible conditions?

But Anna smiled at them and spoke first. This is what she said: ‘I was talking to God just now and saying I know I am not alone, I am certain You are here and can hear me, and will provide a way to help me and my family.’

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Isn’t it amazing to see how the Lord stirs up the hearts of poor and marginalised Christians like Anna? How He speaks to them and hears their cries for help?

And, I believe that He stirred up your heart too because it was through your kindness and generosity that our mission partner was able to put a new roof over Anna’s house. They also gave her a cow to help her feed her family and generate an income from selling milk and butter.

You helped Anna’s family through your kindness and your generosity. You gave them reasons to praise God and trust Him more.

That is why I am reaching out to you now, because you care for the poor and marginalised.

Will you give £25, £50 or even £250 to help more persecuted Christians like Anna during this global crisis?

COVID-19 is already having a devastating impact on the lives of poor Christians around the world.

More mothers like Anna in Upper Egypt are crying out for help. They are watching their children go hungry and they can’t even go to the local church to ask for help because the churches are closed.

Marginalised Christians in places like Upper Egypt, Algeria, Pakistan, Ethiopia and elsewhere are suffering the worst consequences of the lockdown, with no wages and no basic provisions.

In many places hostile to the gospel Christians are experiencing increased persecution and their cries for help are ignored by local charities who are distributing food packages only to families of other faiths.

This is your chance to show your persecuted brothers and sisters that we are one family in Christ – please give generously to ease their suffering and pray for them.

Here are some ways you can help:

£25 could help provide emergency food for a Christian family that is struggling with poverty in India, Pakistan or Upper Egypt.

£50 could help towards the cost of putting a roof on a home in Upper Egypt.

£100 could provide vital monthly support to a Christian worker in Central Asia.

£250 could enable a persecuted Christian to start their own small business and break out of the cycle of poverty.

Please give securely online today or by calling 01689 823491.

Thank you for helping Christian families to survive and for encouraging them in their faith by providing for their needs.

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A Prayer For Christians Suffering Oppression

Lord, we pray for all of our poor and marginalised brothers and sisters who, like Yalina, are really struggling with life today as they are oppressed simply because of their faith in You.

Father, these dear people suffer so much simply because they love You – and now find themselves even more marginalised in the communities where they live due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

Dear Lord, thank you that You continue to walk with them as they seek to survive with little or no work, wages or provisions. Help us to help them with prayers and gifts of money which can be used to support them both spiritually and physically.

Father, thank you for their faith in You, bless them and help them survive and to break out of this crushing cycle of oppression and poverty they have to live with.

In Your precious name we pray.


If you wish to give by cheque, then please make it payable to Release International and send it to: Release International, PO Box 54, Orpington, BR5 4RT.

Or you can call 01689 823491 to give securely over the phone.

If you have any queries about giving to Release, please contact our Supporter Relations team on: 01689 823491.

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