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Release International – on a TV near you!

The Persecuted Church programme highlights stories of overcoming faith from around the world.

The work of Release International is featured in the June edition of Revelation TV’s flagship programme: The Persecuted Church.

Co-presented and co-produced by Release International spokesman Andrew Boyd, the programme covers a wide range of countries and cases of Christians facing persecution.

With the aim of raising awareness, understanding and prayer, The Persecuted Church has been extended to an hour and is transmitted six times each month.

It’s available on Sky TV, Roku, Apple TV, Freeview HD and from the Revelation TV website.

The June 2022 edition covers Afghanistan, Egypt, Sri Lanka, North Africa and Ukraine.

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Telling the stories of our brothers and sisters – and raising prayer


Says Andrew Boyd: ‘It’s an extraordinary privilege to be part of telling the stories of our persecuted brothers and sisters across the world on Revelation TV. This platform reaches into countless homes in the UK, across Europe and, via the Internet, the world.

‘My prayer is that we will do more than just watch, but that we will engage with the persecuted Church. Even better, that the stories of our Christian brothers and sisters who are overcoming persecution will spur us on to make the very best of the freedom with which we have been blessed, and yet so often take for granted.’