Report ‘Major Wake-Up Call On Christian Persecution’

A new report on the persecution of Christians has come as a major wake-up call to governments, believes Release International, which supports persecuted believers around the world.

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt declared ‘We’ve all been asleep on the watch when it comes to the persecution of Christians.’

The independent review by the Bishop of Truro said it was ‘calling out the inconvenient truth that the overwhelming majority’ of those persecuted for their faith were Christians.

His report warned that the scale and magnitude of the violence against Christians was fast approaching genocide – especially in the Middle East, where believers have been driven out in their droves.

And it highlighted that the eradication of Christians ‘on pain of the sword’ was the clear and stated aim of militants in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria and the Philippines.

James Maidment-Fullard of Trans World Radio UK asked Andrew Boyd of Release about the Review…

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You can read the Bishop of Truro’s Independent Review here

The full report, including recommendations to government, is due for publication in June.