Sabina Suppers

Sabina Supper

Will you host a ‘Sabina Supper’?


Pastor Richard Wurmbrand and his wife Sabina were the inspiration for Release International’s ministry to serve persecuted Christians around the world. Richard’s story is well-known through his autobiography Tortured for Christ. The story of his wife, Sabina, may be less well known, but she too suffered greatly for her faith and she continues to be an inspiration to us at Release International.

One of Release International’s ongoing pledges is that we ‘do not abandon them’ and we ask that you will not abandon your persecuted brothers and sisters either. One way of putting this pledge into action is to hold a supper with your women’s group from church or with your friends or family and share Sabina’s story. Let it inspire you in your own journey of faith, and to want to find out more about today’s ‘Sabinas’ who continue to live under the daily threat of persecution.

Sabina Suppers is a very simple initiative to encourage people to organise a supper, or meal of some sort, and to introduce the work of Release International by using Sabina’s story. Funds can be raised by selling tickets to the meal or by donation. It’s an ideal way to raise funds for our persecuted family.

Click here to download an information leaflet. You can take copies of this leaflet with you to give to friends and families at your Church or Fellowship Group.

Click here to download blank invitations which you can use for your event.

Please telephone us on 01689 823491 if you would like us to send you copies of the leaflet or email us at

We hope that you will be inspired to use this initiative and will encourage others to do so too.

The Pastors Wife

If you have any queries please do get in touch and ask!

You may like to listen to one of our supporters, Judy Moore, reading a section from The Pastor’s Wife which the Sabina Supper’s leaflet refers to. You can listen/download the monologue here.

You can read more about Sabina’s story in her book The Pastor’s Wife which is available from our eStore.