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Please join us in continuing to pray for the church in Nigeria following the recent killing and kidnapping of Christians in northern areas.

Following the slaughter of at least 22 believers in Benue state in the past three weeks, three others were murdered by Islamist terrorists in the same area on September 18, according to Morning Star News (MSN) sources.

Fulani herdsmen were also accused of setting fire to homes during the attacks.

More than 6,000 Christians in three counties of Benue state have now been displaced as a result of recent attacks, said Emmanuel Shior, executive secretary of the Benue State Emergency Management Agency.
‘Recent attacks by herders on some Christian communities in Benue state have left 6,000 Christians displaced in Logo, Guma, and Gwer West local government areas of the state,’ Shior said in a text message to MSN. ‘These continuous attacks by herdsmen on Christian communities in the state have also resulted in the destruction of facilities like churches, schools, markets and healthcare establishments.’

Masked raiders

 In Plateau state, followers of traditional religion wearing masks attacked a church service on September 18, injuring several of the congregation, sources said.
The masked, tribal animists, known locally as Masquerades, assaulted the pastor and church members and destroyed equipment of the Assemblies of God Church in Shikal village, Langtang South County, area residents said.
‘The pastor and his members were beaten and church properties destroyed,’ a local resident told MSN in a text message. Another said that attacks on Christians by Masquerades had become commonplace. ‘Christians here are helpless against such attacks, and the government officials and agencies have not made any effort to curtail these attacks.’ 

Believers kidnapped

The day before, suspected Fulani herdsmen abducted dozens of Christians from a church service in the northwest region, less than a week after kidnapping nearly 60 members of the same denomination in the north-central part of the country, sources said.
In Kaduna state’s Kajuru county suspected Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists attacked homes and an all-night prayer vigil on September 13-14, kidnapping at least 57 Christians. It is possible that as many as 14 managed to escape soon after the raid, sources said.  

Charges dropped

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We are pleased to report that a court in Sudan has dismissed apostasy charges against four Christians who were threatened with the death penalty unless they recanted, sources said.
Judge Ibrahim Hamza dismissed the charges against the Christians in Central Darfur state on September 8, stating that apostasy was no longer a crime in Sudan, their attorney said.
Initially arrested in June the four converts from Islam – Bader el Dean Haroon Abdel Jabaar, his brother Mohammad Haroon Abdel Jabaar, Tariq Adam Abdalla and Morthada Ismail – had been subjected to degrading treatment during questioning, according to CSW. They were bailed in early July.
The four were arrested on apostasy charges under Article 126 of Sudan’s 1991 criminal code – which was nullified in 2020. In July 2020 the transitional government decriminalised apostasy, which had been punishable by death.


  • For an end to the violence and kidnapping perpetrated against Christians in Nigeria
  • That the bereaved and traumatised would know God’s comfort, strength and provision
  • That displaced believers would be able to rebuild their lives in a safe environment


  • Thank God that charges have been dropped against the four Christians in Sudan

(Source: Morning Star News)