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Tortured For Christ – The film: NOW SHOWING THROUGHOUT THE UK


Fourteen years in communist prisons could not break his faith!

In Autumn 2017 Release started to show a new 70-minute film produced by Voice of the Martyrs USA, which depicts Richard Wurmbrand’s best-selling testimony Tortured for Christ.

Filmed entirely in Romania, this is a powerful depiction of the man who inspired the founding of Release in 1968, as well as a family of missions around the world.



Don’t miss this significant opportunity to engage afresh with Richard’s passionate vision to serve persecuted Christians.


Tortured for Christ: the film has been shown at selected churches in the UK and Ireland.

Please phone our Office on 01689 823491 if you would like more information on how your church or church hall could also become a venue.

In the meantime you can watch the trailer above.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend parents/carers consider the content of this film before showing it to children.

Fourteen years in Communist prisons could not break his faith!

Fourteen years in Communist prisons could not break his faith!

Would you like to show this film in your church and/or Home Group?

Please call our office on 01689 823491 to discuss what you are thinking and we will put you in touch with the District Manager who lives closest to you and they will be able to help you further. We’ve also made the following resources to help you prepare for your event. You can download these as pdfs by clicking the links below:

Introduction Letter

Ticket to your event

A4 Poster to your event

A5 flyer

Invitation to your event

Thank you for coming card and what can I do next?

Follow-Up Leaflet after your event

Building One Body

How to host the event

All of these resources are available free from the Release Office. Please call us on 01689 823491 with the quantities that you require for your event and we will post them out to you.