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As news unfolds of increasing persecution of Christians in Russian-occupied Ukraine, a story of encouragement has come from a Release International associate.

Our associate has been travelling to the most dangerous war zones in Ukraine to bring aid to Christian brothers and sisters under fire.

Amidst the ruins of the city of Kharkiv, our brother from Voice of the Martyrs Poland sat down and sang a simple song, and then he prayed.


It was an act of identification with the people of Ukraine, and an act of worship to the living God, who promises that He will give us beauty instead of ashes (Isaiah 61).

Soon after our brother sang and made his declaration of faith amid the rubble, the Ukrainian counteroffensive liberated the region.

You can watch this faithful Polish Christian singing among the ruins below. We give an English translation of his lyrics, and invite you to join him in prayer from 2 mins 43 secs, from our translation below.


Resting in the shadow of Your Wings

I will know peace through Your love

My Lord, I will not worry

When I find rest in the shadow of Your wings

Chorus: I’ll find rest in the shadow of Your wings (2x)

In Your shadow I have my shelter

Your protection will not fail me

Against the arrows, I do not have to fear

When I find shelter in the shadow of Your wings

Chorus: I’ll find rest in the shadow of Your wings (2x)

Prayer (from 2 mins 43 secs) 

‘Lord, we’re praying for all those who are hiding in the cellars in Kharkiv, and in all the places; hiding in the houses from the bombings; children, mothers, the elderly; for every person, who is fearfully waiting for this night.

‘We’re praying, Father, for your protection to surround all the inhabitants of this city, so that they would be in Your shadow.

‘Father, we’re praying in the name of Jesus that they would be in Your shadow, under the protection of the Almighty; so that this night would be without bombs and explosions.

‘In the name of Jesus; may they find rest in the name of Jesus.’

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