Abducted pastor missing for two years

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Please pray for pastor Raymond Koh (pictured) who was abducted in February 2017 – and has not been seen since.

‘We were due to meet with pastor Raymond in 2017 around the time he was taken,’ recalls our Development Manager for Ireland, Stephen McIlroy.

‘We were shocked to discover that he had been abducted by what seems to have been a highly-professional team of at least 15 individuals, all with faces covered.’

CCTV footage shows three black SUVs surrounding the vehicle carrying Raymond, and several men running towards his car before all the vehicles drive away. The video (stills pictured above) has been circulated widely online by Malaysian media.

Stephen later had the privilege of meeting with Raymond’s wife, Susanna, and members of the family.

‘They have been traumatised by the whole event but Susanna, in particular, remains strong,’ said Stephen.

‘She admitted to me that at one stage she was very weak and at her lowest – but God intervened and lifted herwith supernatural strength, enabling her to press on with the search for her missing husband.’

Helping the poor

Raymond ran a non-governmental organisation called Harapan Komuniti (Hope Community) in the capital Kuala Lumpur – helping the poorest members of society.

In 2011, his organisation was investigated by Malaysia’s Islamic authorities. It was accused of attempting to convert Muslims when it hosted a party at a local church, the BBC reported. Apostasy is an offence in this Muslim-majority country.

Although the allegations were later dropped, Raymond remained a target of rumours and even received two bullets in the post shortly afterwards, said his family.

In February this year church members and leaders from many denominations in Malaysia met to continue to pray for Raymond.

Susanna thanked all those attending, saying:

‘God is good. Even though the enemy plans evil, God will turn it for good.’

While no trace of Raymond or his car have been found, there have been renewed hopes for a fresh enquiry following the election of a new Prime Minister last May.

•           Pray that God will restore pastor Raymond to his family.


Currently we support:

•             Ministry to refugees
•             Mentoring of new believers in secret locations


Population: 31.8 million
Capital: Kuala Lumpur
Government: Constitutional monarchy
Religion: Muslim 63%, Chinese 13%, Christian 9%, Buddhist 7%, Hindu 6%, Other 2%

Sources: World Factbook, Operation World.