ETHIOPIA: Fears for Eritrean Christians


Release International partners have received reports that two of the refugee camps in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia have been attacked in the recent conflict there and some refugees have been forcibly repatriated to Eritrea. Christians may have been among this number and given the significant persecution against Christians in Eritrea there is genuine concern about what will happen to any believers taken back over the border.

Please pray for these brothers and sisters and also for those still suffering in Tigray. Although the conflict has largely ended there is still sporadic fighting as well as severe food shortages, and some services such as banking, transport and communications have not yet fully resumed.

Many Christians who had fled persecution in Eritrea had settled in the region, either in the refugee camps or in local communities. Some of those Christians have now had to flee again, due to the conflict.

Please also continue to pray for Christians in prison inside Eritrea. Thank God that a number were released last year, including many who had been held for a decade or more.

(Source: Release partners)