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Online event features Helen Berhane, Petr Jasek and Susanna Koh

Christians in the UK are being asked to go barefoot on behalf of the persecuted on Sunday May 30.

Release international is calling on Christians to take a stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ who are walking a tough road due to persecution.

‘One way of doing that is to leave your shoes behind and go outdoors barefoot as part of our All Out for God event,’ says Release CEO, Paul Robinson.

‘Feel the hard path’

‘All around the world, Christians are suffering as followers of Jesus. As we take off our shoes and stand with them, let’s take a moment to feel the hard path beneath our feet and remember in prayer those Christians who face the harsh reality of persecution simply because of their faith.’

The event, All Out For God (formerly the Great Outdoors Church Service), is on Sunday May 30, 2021. It’s preceded by a Facebook Live event at 3pm, as an inspiration for prayer.

Taking part will be well-known speakers on the persecuted Church, Helen Berhane who was jailed in Eritrea for her faith and Petr Jasek, who was imprisoned in Sudan along with fighters from ISIS. We will also be joined by Susanna Koh, whose husband, Raymond, was abducted in Malaysia by a highly trained snatch squad.

It’s not too late to sign our petition calling on the Malaysian authorities to investigate his kidnapping. You can find more details here

Countries in focus

Other countries in focus in All Out for God include Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Egypt, China and North Korea.

  • For Pakistan, Christians are being urged to pray for the repeal of the blasphemy laws and an end to Christian girls being abducted and forced into marriage
  • For Nigeria, where Christians face attacks from Boko Haram terrorists and Fulani militants, Christians are being asked to pray for an end to the killings
  • India has been passing anti-conversion laws, resulting in attacks against Christians and discrimination
  • And China continues to pass laws to restrict church services and curb the rapid growth of Christianity

Favourite shoes

After stepping outside barefoot to pray, supporters are invited to take a photo of their favourite shoes and post that on Facebook with their own short prayer for the persecuted and a donation to enable Release International to provide practical support.

Please post your pictures and comments on social media using the hashtag #AllOut4God.

Says Paul Robinson: ‘Come rain or shine, we can take this simple step and go barefoot on behalf of persecuted Christians. Let’s join them on their hard path for a moment and stand in solidarity with our persecuted family around the world.’

You can find out more here