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Take your shoes off – it’s time to go outside!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our All Out For God event on May 30th. It was a great success! You can still watch the online event here so you can enjoy it again or, if you were not able to join us for the ‘live’ event you can watch it now!

Click the image below to jump straight to the start of Paul Robinson’s introduction:

Details of the event can still be seen below:

Don’t miss out on our forthcoming All Out for God to be held on Sunday, May 30, 2021.

Join us at 3pm as we host a 40-minute Facebook Live event with some very special guests.

This year we’re again asking you to open your door and walk outside to pray on Sunday, May 30 – but with one difference! Many of our persecuted brothers and sisters walk a tough road and to show our solidarity with them in their walk of life we’re asking you to leave your shoes behind and go out barefoot!

As you walk around outside in step with those Christians who are in need because they are followers of Jesus, take a moment to feel the hard path or the soft grass on your feet and give thanks for all the material benefits we have while lifting up in prayer those of our family in greatest need.

But before you go outside to pray, do join us for a Facebook Live event (also on YouTube) at 3pm to inspire your prayers. You’ll be able to hear from some very special friends of Release who know first-hand the power of prayer in the midst of persecution.

Listen to Susanna Koh, whose husband, pastor Raymond Koh, was abducted four years ago and is still missing, and from Release friends Petr Jasek and Helen Berhane.

Petr was imprisoned in Sudan, sharing a cell with Islamic State fighters, while Helen spent two years in an Eritrean prison, suffering abuse and torture, simply for proclaiming the gospel.

When you’ve finished praying outside please do take a photo of your favourite shoes and post with a short prayer message for persecuted Christians on our Facebook page. For each picture we would also encourage you to donate £5 or £10 or whatever you are able to give to Release’s work supporting persecuted Christians.

Come rain or shine I really hope you will be able to join us this year and show your solidarity with our persecuted family around the world.

Here are some specific items that you can pray for during this event. This is just a guide and your prayers do not have to be limited to these. Please pray for any particular situation or individuals that you know about as well:

  • Pakistan: repeal of the blasphemy laws and freedom for prisoners of faith. End to abduction and forced marriage of Christian girls.
  • Nigeria: end to killings of Christians and displacement in the north and the central belt.
  • India: revoking of anti-conversion laws.
  • Egypt: provision and protection for poor Christians.
  • China: freeing of Christian prisoners of faith and strength for church to endure current repression.
  • N Korea: protection for believers inside NK, for freedom of religion to be restored (let’s aim high!) and for defectors to find Christ.
  • Eritrea: continued release of prisoners of faith.
  • Finally pray for Release’s partners who work to minister to and serve persecuted believers in these countries and many others.

Remember: Sunday May 30, 2021, we’re going All Out For God!