In the Lions’ Den – Petr Jasek

Sudan flag
Petr Jasek IWI cover


Petr Jasek knows what it’s like to be a modern-day Daniel in the lions’ den. For many months, this Christian missionary was locked in a cell with ISIS fighters, after being accused of spying in Sudan.

The Czech-born champion of persecuted Christians was caught photographing churches demolished by the state.

Petr faced a death sentence and was thrown in a prison cell with hardened ISIS fighters, and there he remained for many months.

Bin Laden

One of his murderous cellmates had been a bodyguard for Osama Bin Laden and had taken part in the killing of Egyptian Christians in Libya.

When the ISIS fighters discovered Petr was a Christian, they turned on him.

Through it all, God deepened his faith, and his resolve to share that faith.

Petr Jasek was jailed for 445 days, before diplomatic intervention secured his release.

During a 2018 tour with Release International, he told his remarkable story to Andrew Boyd in a garden in Greater London. You can hear that interview below, and download a transcript here