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Share in suffering for the Gospel

2 Timothy 1:3-18

by Kenneth Harrod

The current restrictive conditions under which we are all living gives us an opportunity to reflect on the lives of those Christians who live with permanent oppression for their faith. In what was probably his final letter, the Apostle Paul encourages Timothy both to be willing to suffer for the gospel and to recognise the importance of caring for those who suffer.


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Kenneth starts his teaching by reading from 2 Timothy 1:3-18.

Last Christmas – and doesn’t that seem a long time ago now – while most of us were probably enjoying our annual family celebrations, a Chinese pastor by the name of Wang Yi was being handed a nine-year prison sentence; effectively for his gospel ministry. Read more…


1.  Imagine you were Timothy, receiving this letter from Paul (and knowing that Paul was in prison). What would be your reaction to Paul’s comments in verses 8-10?

Bring your thoughts on this to the Lord in prayer.

2.  What, according to Paul, had Onesiphorus done (verses 16,17)? How can we be like Onesiphorus today, to those suffering persecution?

3. How has the period of ‘lockdown’ affected you? How has it affected your fellowship and interaction with other Christians? Reflecting on your answers, consider how they can help you to understand some of the challenges facing Christians who are in prison for their faith today?

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