Neither Bomb Nor Bullet, inspiring new biography of Release partner

neither bomb nor bullet

Archbishop on the front line

neither bomb nor bullet

New biography of Release partner, Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi, of Jos, Nigeria. Available here through Release International

‘Three times they’ve tried to kill me. They’ve come close. But each time just makes me more determined to live my life to the full for Jesus.’

So says Release International partner Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi in his new biography by Andrew Boyd.

Neither Bomb Nor Bullet: Archbishop on the front line is published by Lion Hudson under the Monarch imprint (ISBN 978-0-8572-1843-8).

Standing firm

His story draws us right into the battle raging for the heart of Nigeria. Thousands have been killed and thousands more driven from their homes. But men of faith, such as Archbishop Kwashi, are standing firm.

Boko Haram want to turn Nigeria into an Islamic state. And armed Fulani raiders are slaughtering Christian villagers. But Archbishop Kwashi knows that neither bomb nor bullet can separate us from the love of God.

‘Whatever the gunmen do; when the suicide bombers do their worst, God’s message will always be: “I love you. I have given my Son for you. Turn to Him and live.”

Call to adventure

Neither Bomb Nor Bullet is a call to adventure – to live the Christian faith to the full, fully trusting in God. That alone is the key to a fruitful life.

There are forewords from Baroness Cox, Archbishop Foley Beach and Paul Robinson, the CEO of Release International, which supports persecuted Christians around the world.

Paul Robinson writes: ‘I have spent time alongside Ben with children as young as seven who bear the savage scars of persecution in their bodies and minds. Right there, alongside those who suffer, Ben chooses to demonstrate God’s love to the persecuted – and the persecutors.

‘In the face of imminent danger, Ben and his wife Gloria are willing to give their lives daily to joyfully serve God, knowing today could be the one in which they are attacked, injured, or killed.’

Truth to power

Neither Bomb Nor Bullet raises key questions about how we should live and act as followers of Jesus is a world where conflict is our everyday context. When it comes to speaking truth to power, living sacrificially and loving extravagantly, we all have much to learn from the courageous example of Archbishop Ben Kwashi.

As well as telling his inspirational faith story Neither Bomb Nor Bullet lays out a pathway for discipleship in the form of a heartfelt letter from Ben packed with practical advice on how to live a life worth living.

‘God has done wonderful things in my life,’ says Archbishop Kwashi.

‘Jesus is faithful’

‘I am so grateful! I have learnt so much that I want to share with you. Jesus is faithful. He has a message to the nations. God loves you. Give your life fully to your Father in heaven and he will do great things!

‘Life is short. I hope my story will challenge you to live to see God’s kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven. To live for Jesus, and, if necessary, to die for Jesus.

‘Life is an adventure! Let us live it to the full!’

Be inspired

Adds Paul Robinson of Release: ‘Ben Kwashi has chosen to live his life fully for Jesus. As you read the pages of this book let that inspire you to choose likewise. After all, it is not just in Nigeria that people need to become disciples of Jesus Christ – it’s right where you live and work.’

Andrew Boyd has written more than a dozen books, including Baroness Cox: A Voice for the Voiceless. He is a spokesman for Release International. Neither Bomb Nor Bullet is available here.


Extract from Neither Bomb Nor Bullet

‘They say your life flashes before you when you are about to die. They had tried to kill me before but failed. But today I knew my time was up.

‘The assassins had returned. They had smashed their way into my house. There were forty of them. With guns and knives.

‘My killer stood before me, shaking. Adrenaline or drugs. Maybe both. “Man of God, let’s go!”

‘They had marched me to my room to kill me. And I was saying my prayers.

‘Gloria, who had been raped and almost killed by them before, had prayed there would be no more bloodshed. My only prayer was they would spare Gloria and the children. The only blood shed that night would be mine.

‘Prostrate on my face on my bedroom floor, surrounded by my killers, I prayed: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…”

‘They say your life flashes before you when you are about to die. What would I make of mine?’

Having survived three attacks, Release Partner Ben Kwashi continues to live in Jos Nigeria, to speak truth to power and witness to his faith in Jesus.

РArchbishop Ben Kwashi  ISBN 978-0-8572-1843-8


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