Prisoners of faith and their families

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The following projects help Christian Prisoners of Faith and their families.


PROJECT: Release Eritrea – Prisoners and Prisoners Families Support

This project is a continuation of the project that has been running for over ten years. the primary beneficiaries of this project are prisoners of faith and their families. Currently we have over 400 prisoners in our list who have been supported by this project. The main beneficiaries from this project are Families of prisoners. Other beneficiaries are poor families and families of Christian workers, especially those who are directly involved in the prisoners’ and families of prisoners’ ministry. A small portion of the funds also support leadership training and Christian teaching materials i.e.Bibles and mp3 players.

A major concern is support of ex-prisoners who are suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Since 2019 the number of prisoners of faith has increased from around 300 to 400. There was hope that the peace deal between Eritrea and Ethiopia would see improvements and this occurred for a short peroid of time but arrests increased during 2019. The main prisons that we send money and food to are the follows.

  1. Assab prison.
  2. Metkel Abeyot, is located in the Red Sea cost region, it is far from any town or village, hot temperature and with little sanitary facilities.
  3. Wenjel Mirmera (karchelli) Asmara prison, these prisoners are senior clergy who hve been in prison for 15 years. They have never been visited by any family member.
  4. Mai Serewa, is also in the suburbs of Asmara. There are over 160 prisoners in this prison. There are a group of 12 girls who have been in prison since 2005 and 2006. Among them is Twen who was arrested in 2005. This prison is relatively better prison than other prisons. It is near Asmara, and visitors are allowed to bring them food.They are in large number so they can have worship time together.
  5. Dahlak Islands is one of the most hostile prison. It is hot deserted island, far from families and friends. It is also difficult to send food and medicine, but we managed through secret means to send some money. There are 66 prisoners in this prison.
  6. Other prisons are Ala, Sembel, Adi Abeyto and many military barracks prisons.


Christians in Pakistan are vulnerable to false charges of blasphemy. Release International’s Partners in Pakistan provide pastoral care, advice and practical support to those who find themselves caught up in this situation

PROJECT: Lahore Evangelical Ministries – Prison Ministry

This project aims to help the pastors, Christian leaders and the Christians who have been imprisoned and suffering due to their ministry or because of their Christian faith by looking after the prisoners’ families through encouragement and helping them in their Christian faith by prayer, teaching and pastoral visiting. Lahore Evangelical Ministries (LEM) also help the prisoners’ families meet their financial needs whilst the bread winner is in prison.


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