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Classification of Persecution

In 2019 Release International redefined our Calling and Mission and the taxonomy (classification) of persecution and this now defines our Ministry.

Our Calling

Through the ministry of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand and Hebrews 13:3 we have been called by God to Love and Serve Persecuted Christians which we outline in the five strategic purposes of our mission:

  1. Raising their VOICE.
  2. Giving them the ‘TOOLS’ they need to live for Jesus Christ.
  3. Calling UK Christians into FELLOWSHIP with them.
  4. Learning lessons of Christian DISCIPLESHIP with them.
  5. Maintaining Christian STEWARDSHIP to honour them.

Our Taxonomy of Persecution

Taxonomy is the practice of classification and we have discerned 4 distinct categories of persecuted Christians around the world for whom we can prayerfully, pastorally, and practically help:

  1. Families of Christian martyrs 
  2. Prisoners of faith and their families
  3. Christians suffering oppression and violence
  4. Christians forced to flee


Families of Christian martyrs

Christians in north east Nigeria have suffered appalling levels of violence for many years. Many have suffered martyrdom because of their faith in Christ. The following project helps the families of Christian martyrs.

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Prisoners of faith and their families

The following project helps Christian Prisoners of Faith and their families.

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Christians suffering oppression and violence

Life for Christians in many countries is getting harder according to reports from our Partners. The following projects help Christians suffering oppression and violence.

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Christians forced to flee

Despite reports of ISIS being defeated in the Middle East, our Partners in the Middle East continue to struggle with the problem of Christians in flight because of their faith. The following projects help Christians who are forced to flee due to their Christian Faith.

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