Release International Welcomes Moves Towards Civilian Rule

Sudan flag

Release International is welcoming moves towards civilian rule in Sudan. The military leaders have come to an agreement with the opposition to set up a three-year transition towards civilian rule.

Release is calling for full religious freedom to be restored in Sudan, which was declared an Islam-only state by the dictator Omar al-Bashir, who seized power almost 30 years ago.

His government has destroyed churches, arrested pastors and bombed Christians in the Nuba Mountains, where Release partners have been providing humanitarian aid.

David Piper of Trans World Radio asked Andrew Boyd for Release’s reaction to the move towards civilian rule…

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Release is working with partners to repair boreholes and bring relief to Christians in the Nuba Mountains – where the government has imposed a nine-year blockade. Release is also providing materials for spreading the gospel. 

If a borehole fails, villagers may have to walk three hours to find another. Sometimes they have to queue overnight for water before walking back.

Government aircraft have been dropping bombs on humanitarian aid workers.

You can read more about persecuted Christians in flight and how you can help them, in the latest edition of the Release magazine Voice, available here