Bomb attack on Syrian church confirms Christians’ fears

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A car bomb attack on a church in northern Syria has confirmed fears that Christians remain a terrorist target.

At least 11 people were injured in the explosion outside the Syriac Orthodox Church in the city of Qamishli during a prayer meeting last Thursday.

Locals say that if the attack had happened just minutes later, people would have been emerging from the service and the number of casualties would probably have been far higher.

Please pray that God will strengthen and sustain our Christian family in Syria.

Islamic State has reportedly admitted responsibility for the attack.
Attacks on civilian targets have increased in this part of north-east Syria since the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US-backed militia, declared victory over Islamic State in March.

Sources report that Christians in the SDF-controlled area have been targeted in recent weeks, both in Hasakah city and the Khabur region; at the height of the Islamic State insurgency, hundreds of Assyrian Christians were abducted from these areas.

  • Pray that God will comfort and heal all those affected by the bomb blast at the Syriac church in Qamishli last week. Thank God that the terrorists’ apparent plan to murder members of the congregation after the meeting was thwarted.
  • Pray that God will rebuild His church in Syria, adding to those who have chosen to stay despite the atrocities of recent years and renewing in them ‘a steadfast spirit’ (Psalm 51:10).
  • Ask God to speak to the hearts of the men of violence and make them tire of bloodshed. Pray that they will come to know forgiveness and new life in Christ.

(Sources: Middle East Concern; Voice of America)