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Release International’s partners are calling for prayer following the devastating earthquakes which struck in Turkey and Syria. The quakes have impacted the entire region.

Our partners in Iran, who brought help to believers caught up in the conflict with ISIS, say there are Kurdish and Syrian Christians either side of the border who will have been hit by the earthquakes.

They say that despite the freezing conditions, no one who lived through those violent tremors will be returning into their homes.

‘We need to pray for emergency response for rescue, for safe accommodation, for food and water supplies and for medical capabilities to support the injured and the infirm.’

The effect of the earthquakes has also been felt in Lebanon, though to a lesser degree than in Turkey and Syria.

‘Terrifying night’

Partners in Lebanon sent the following message: ‘We are all doing fine and trusting in God in all things, though it’s been a terrifying night all over Lebanon, and especially in the Zahle, Bekaa area. Please keep the ministry and our team in your prayers.’

And in Kurdistan, northern Iraq partners were caught up in two mild tremors. They say: ‘The situation elsewhere is so sad. I can’t imagine. Some neighbourhoods have been completely demolished. So many hurting people who have lost loved ones, and most, I’m sure, without Jesus.’

Paul Thomas, Release International’s Engagement Manager covering Turkey and the Middle East, said: ‘The people affected by this earthquake have already suffered for many years due to civil war in Syria, and many can remember losing loved ones in the 1999 earthquake.

‘It breaks my heart to see this latest incident which will leave many families grieving again and huge numbers displaced, some not for the first time.’

Your prayers

Our partners thanked us for checking to see how they are, and they greatly appreciate your prayers.

Release International is not calling directly for funds at this time, as this major incident is a natural disaster, and is therefore outside the scope of its charitable objects.  

Please keep these brothers and sisters in your prayers, along with the many at the heart of these terrible earthquakes.

The Bible warns us that such things will happen, but encourages us to take heart, stay strong, and trust in His goodness.

That is the message that the whole world needs to hear right now, and the suffering church is uniquely placed to tell that, as well as to demonstrate the continuing love of God.