Amera and family: Iraq

Ri Iraq Amera (right) And Her Family

Amera and her family lived in the predominantly Christian town of Qaraqosh, on the historic plains of Nineveh in Iraq. During the terrifying ISIS insurgency in 2014 Qaraqosh came under rocket attack. Fighters blocked the surrounding roads and prepared to overrun the city. The family knew they had no choice but to flee. They thank God that after 11 hours travelling they were able to reach the safety of Kurdistan.

Thanks to the support of Release International partners, Amera’s family and many other Iraqi refugees were given practical help in Kurdistan. At that time Release International’s partner was providing blankets, mattresses, heaters, cookers and food to those who fled.

Despite all they suffered at the hands of the terrorists, Amera said, ‘We raised our family to forgive our enemies, as Jesus tells us. If we saw an IS fighter now, we would pray for him.’

Praise God that several years after the defeat of ISIS, Amera and her family were able to return home safely. However, this isn’t always the case, and many other vulnerable families who fled violence in Iraq remain displaced. Some have been living in camps for 15 years or more where Release International’s partner is continuing to provide support.


  • For Amera and her family as they continue to rebuild their lives following the devastation brought by ISIS.
  • For other displaced families in Kurdistan who have not yet been able to resettle.
  • For Release International’s partner who continues to provide support.
  • For Christians in Iraq to thrive and demonstrate the love of Christ in all they do.