Calling UK Christians into FELLOWSHIP with them

Another critical part of the Mission of Release International is to bring our friends and supporters into FELLOWSHIP with persecuted Christians worldwide.

Christian Women Some In Traditional Black

Due to lockdown in 2020 this was very challenging to us. Much of our work building fellowship, is focused on ‘live’ ‘face to face’ events in churches or in homes.

We particularly had been developing our relational ministry with supporters, by encouraging them to work in their church communities to raise the VOICE of persecuted Christians. All of this was moved online. We did encourage supporters to use Zoom and social media to stay connected.

One success during the lockdown was to expand our publishing outputs and increase our list of testimonies of persecuted Christians for our supporters. In April 2020 we launched the new book by our dear friend Petr Jasek, Ambassador for the International Christian Association. We held an online speaker event with him which was very well attended. We also stocked ‘Free at Last’ by Asia Bibi which was very popular with supporters.

In November we worked on the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, our annual campaign in churches. However, again because of lockdown, we developed an online live event on YouTube which attracted over 1700 Christians. We produced a new film about persecution in India from interviews and previous visits, which was very well received.

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