Mahshid and family: Iran

Mahshid And Family

Mahshid grew up in Iran, and at the age of 18 she came to know Christ. Things did not go smoothly for her. She suffered in an abusive marriage and developed a large tumour which doctors told her would prevent her from having children. While struggling with her faith, she attended a youth conference run by Release International partners in Turkey, where her healing was prayed for. As she was being prayed for, she says she felt ‘a peace in my heart that it was over’.

Amazingly, after returning to Iran, she eventually gave birth to a son, which astounded the doctors – but did not mean an end to her troubles.

Her Christian witness in Iran resulted in a great deal of pressure from the Iranian secret services, eventually forcing her to leave the country with her family. Her husband then left her and she found herself a refugee in Turkey with two young children and no means of financial support.

Mahshid knows that God has not forgotten her and that her testimony of pain and deliverance helps her to pray with others. She now works with Release International partners, reaching out to other people from Iran. She says, ‘My prayer is that God will give me the strength to be a good witness to His faithfulness, to my extended family and friends and by His grace draw many to Jesus!’


  • For Mahshid and her children as they continue to rebuild their lives after fleeing Iran.
  • That her extended family will also come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
  • For other displaced Iranians in Turkey, that they will find ways to continue their ministries.
  • For Release International’s partner who continues to reach out to many like Mahshid and for whom she is now working on a new Farsi language children’s website.