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Release Women is a vital ministry of Release International and a great way of empowering Christian women to love and care for their suffering sisters.

Release Women enables you to hear the stories of persecuted women around the world, to pray for them and to support life-changing projects that help them to discover their value in Christ and to break free from poverty.

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  • Read more about the ESTHER EXPERIENCE.
    The purpose of the Esther Experience is to enjoy time with your friends, value each other and raise funds for your precious persecuted sisters at the same time; share your skills and pamper each other. Click here to read more.
  • Read more out about SABINA SUPPERS.
    Sabina Suppers is a very simple initiative to encourage people to organise a supper, or meal of some sort, and to introduce the work of Release through by using Sabina’s story. Funds can be raised by selling tickets to the meal or by donation. It’s an ideal way to raise funds for some of those Christian women today in places like Pakistan and Egypt. Click here to read more.

40x40x40 = huge thanks!

A massive thank you to everyone who has taken part in Release Women’s 40x40x40 Lent initiative. This of course comes to an end with Easter Sunday on April 12. As you will be aware, the money you have saved or collected through this initiative will go to support women in the Strength to Stand groups in Pakistan and Egypt. The best way to send us these funds is by a telephone donation (01689 823491). Please specify that the donation is for 40x40x40. It is still possible to send donations through the post by cheque, made payable to Release International, with 40x40x40 written on the back. Please bear in mind, however, that it may take us longer than usual to process these payments. We also do understand that not everyone will be able to get out to a postbox at this time, so be assured that there is no time limit to sending us the funds.

Please phone Laura on 01689 823491 if you would like to request a speaker for your Release Women event.


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