CHINA: Attacks on Christian education escalate


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is stepping up its attacks on the church by targeting Christian education. Last week police in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, arrested five representatives of Abeka Academy – a Christian home-schooling programme founded in the US and used by believers around the world – including families and schools in China. 

On October 13, the day after the arrests, officials raided a Christian school in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu. More than ten children, three teachers and three parents were taken to the police station. The children were released shortly afterward, but the parents and teachers were reported still missing the following day. It is believed the two events in Jiangsu were co-ordinated actions against Christian education.

Wang Jian, the China representative of Abeka’s curriculum, remains under arrest without further information from the Chinese government.  

Release’s partner China Aid reports that more and more Christian families would like to home-school their children because they dislike the brainwashing, atheistic education provided by the state.

This comes as the persecution of Christian schools increases. Last month the Maizi Christian Music High School in Heilongjiang Province was raided and the principal arrested.

Evangelist released!

We are pleased to report that the ‘Gospel Warrior’ Chen Wensheng was released in Hunan province last week after serving 15 days behind bars for public evangelism. This was his sixth detention this year.

Chen wrote on his WeChat Moments, a Chinese social media outlet: ‘Hallelujah! Thank you, God, for your grace and presence. Thank you for your prayers. After being detained at Hengyang detention centre for 15 days, police officers and officials of the Unit-Front Department accompanied me home. They have left.’

For his detention, the former drug addict said with gratitude: ‘Thank you, God, for giving me the mission to spread the gospel on earth, which is the meaning of my life…God can save people if we spread the gospel.’

On September 26, police officers detained Chen to prevent him from attending a Sunday service. They hoped he would give up evangelising, but then Chen shared the gospel with them.

(Source: China Aid)


  • For the release of Wang Jian and the teachers and parents at the Christian school in Zhenjiang.
  • For God’s protection of Christian teachers and students.
  • That the CCP’s attempts to control the education of Christian children would fail.


  • For the release of Chen Wensheng and his passion for the gospel.