Express reports Release concerns about Nigeria attacks

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The Express has picked up on Release International’s story about the ongoing attacks against Christian in Nigeria.

Their story headlined, Christianity crackdown: Church attacked by mob in Nigeria ‘genocide’ crisis highlights the crucial questions being raised by Release CEO Paul Robinson.

The Express reports:

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Release International has been monitoring Christian persecution in the country. Spokesman Paul Robinson has said: “These murderous raids beg important questions.

“Why is the military apparently powerless to stop the slaughter of unarmed farmers?

“Who is arming and training these Fulani militants? And whose agenda does this killing of mainly Christian communities serve?

“These long-running attacks by Boko Haram and the heavily armed Fulani point to a strategy to drive Christians from the north of Nigeria.

“The government of Nigeria must protect its vulnerable Christian communities in the north.

“When claims are raised of cattle rustling, militants launch coordinated attacks on Christian villages and gun down unarmed men, women and children.

“It is leading to the widespread displacement of Christians from the north which the government seems unable or unwilling to halt.”

You can read the Express story in full here.